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Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Podcasting 101 | 2TV Chicks’ Ode To NYC | My Life In Television

  Happy Monday all! Last week was filled with lots of ups and downs professionally, but, personally, I got the best news. Ms. Tolani Holmes Bryan and her husband, Tim, welcomed their new little girl, Phoebe Simone Bryan, into the

Ding, Elsie, and Natalie Diaz at

Ready4Air (Travel) | People Power: The Philippine Revolution–An Outsider’s View Of The Insiders’ Experience

  By Marian Rivman February 25 was the 29th anniversary of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines. In 1967, the Peace Corps posted me to Davao City on the island of Mindanao, in the southern end of the Philippines. Even then,

Bessan Chila

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | Going Vegan Is A Joy With A Farm-To-Table Menu

  By Marian Rivman For several months, I wanted to treat myself to a spa vacation. After more than a decade of caregiving for my mother, I needed to reset my mind, body, and spirit to prepare myself for the

Lauren Danza, Senior Producer  CBS "The Talk"
Photo Credit: Lauren Danza

Ready4Air (TV) | My Life In Television: A Chat with “The Talk” Senior Producer Lauren Danza

I am excited to launch Ready4Air’s latest series, “My Life In Television,” where television folk before and behind the camera share a slice of their lives in the TV industry. Today, Lauren Danza gives a look at the life of

Neil Patrick Harris

Ready4Air (TV) | Taking A Look Back At The Oscars 2015: Highs and Lows

By Jackson Murphy The 87th Academy Awards will not go down in history as incredibly memorable or meaningful. There were a few outstanding moments, a few complete bombs, and the rest fell somewhere in between. To borrow and paraphrase a

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Brand Concept

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | 3 Simple Rules For Brands To Get The Most Out Of Bloggers

First published on On January 19, 2015 One of the key findings in a recent study by Burst Media, which represents independent web publishers and their communities, is that bloggers cast an influential net with their audiences. Findings revealed

tv and remote

Ready4Air (TV) | Marathon Television Viewing: Do You Binge-Watch TV?

By Alexis Trass Walker When one of my all-time favorite television shows, The Cosby Show, began airing in 1984, I was 9 years old. It was the one show that my entire family of six would sit down and watch

2 selma

Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | And The Oscar Goes To | Do You Binge-Watch TV? | Meet CBS “The Talk” Senior Producer Lauren Danza

  The awards season is finally over and bravo to all the winners. This weekend, the highest honors for cinematic achievement in the film industry were awarded at the 87th Academy Awards–one of the most controversial Oscar races in a long

Michael Keaton and

Ready4Air (Film) | Critic Jackson Murphy With His 2015 Lights-Camera-Jackson Movie Awards

By Jackson Murphy It’s that time of year again for THE 2015 LCJ MOVIE AWARDS, which honor the finest work on the silver screen in 2014. Due to a tie (a.k.a. I simply couldn’t make up my mind), there are


Repost | Foodie Friday | How To Eat Like A Vegan: Culinary Tips From American Writer Jarid Manos

  By Julia Yarbough Last week, we had the chance to hear from American writer and vegan athlete Jarid Manos about his dedication to living a vegan lifestyle. Making a commitment to a healthy and nutritious diet, the author of

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Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | #TBT What To Do When Final Payment Is Due And The Client Won’t Pay

First published on On February 2, 2015 At least once a week, I think about the client who owes me $25,000 after skipping out on paying his final invoice. Two years ago, in January 2013, I found myself —

2 TV Chicks logo

Ready4Air (TV) | 2TV Chicks: All In A Day’s Work

Our newest contributors to Ready4Air are the 2TVChicks. Like me, these two ladies–fondly known as Blondie and Red–are veteran television producers with credits up the ying-yang. But they also add being moms to their list of credits. I know how

Photo credit: Marian Rivman

Ready4Air (Travel) | Decades Later, Hong Kong Is Like New York On Steroids

By Marian Rivman I just spent a few days in Hong Kong. My first trip there was in 1968. It was a stop on my itinerary when I was returning back to the US after having spent two years in

Leeza Gibbons and Geraldo Rivera, finalists on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice

Ready4Air (TV) | Celebrity Apprentice: Geraldo Talks About Fundraising And His Foray Into Reality TV

In last night’s live season 14 finale of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, the final competitors were perfectly cast–good girl Leeza Gibbons against rough-and-tumble Geraldo Rivera. The former talk show hosts battled for the title of new Celebrity Apprentice and a

Michelle Jaffe Sherry 
Photo credit: Michelle Jaffe Sherry

Ready4Air (TV) | My Life In Television: TV Writer Michelle Jaffe Sherry Pens Her Story

This week, we continue Ready4Air’s latest series, “My Life In Television,” where television folks before and behind the camera share a slice of their lives in the TV industry. Today, Michelle Jaffe Sherry–a freelancer–gives a look at the life of